Victorian Young Leaders to India Program. Live, learn, explore

Victorian Young Leaders to India

The Victorian Young Leaders to India offers a transformative six-week virtual journey for Year 9 students in 2022. The Virtual Program will witness students and teachers engaging in meaningful online collaboration to develop global competencies, use design thinking to develop a STEM project, enhance intercultural capability, and explore the diversity of Indian culture through guided peer interactions.

Why get involved?

The program will bring together students from Australia and India, working together to:

  • foster connections and develop relationships with communities and schools of India and with the Indian diaspora in Victoria
  • develop students' engagement and future opportunities in STEM by completing an inquiry-led project and design challenge which addresses a real-world issue related to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 
  • build intercultural capability by completing the Global Competence Certificate (GCC), an online 10 module program with live online reflective sessions, and through guided interactions to build understanding culture, life and school in Australia and India. 
  • develop students' global citizenship and leadership capabilities.

The DET International Education Division has partnered with Value Learning to deliver this new virtual program.

To learn more about how to get involved visit:

Equip your students for a global future

Don't let the closed borders close the opportunity for your students to learn with and make friends from India. Join the new and exciting Victorian Young Leaders to India Program.  

This Virtual Program offers a unique opportunity for students to complete a six-week  program learning side by side with students in schools in India and connecting with the Indian diaspora community.

Teachers joining the Virtual Program will be offered professional development including access to the Global Competence Certificate online program to build their intercultural capability and professional learning on the design challenge framework.  Additionally, teachers in Australia and India will have the opportunity to share resources, learn from each other and build their professional network. 

What are the Phases of the Virtual Program?

  • pre-program phase, which prepares students and teachers for the program. This phase focuses on building program-specific knowledge, setting and understanding program expectations and an overall introduction to the six-week journey ahead.
  • 6-week virtual program, which includes an opening ceremony and half day student dialogue, design challenge and inquiry led project, sessions on intercultural capabilities and peer learning, and development of global competences.
  • post-program phase, which includes a closing student dialogue to showcase the program achievements, an opportunity to celebrate the achievement and success of participating students and teachers, facilitates reflection and sharing of learning to sustain the skills developed, promotes the program to other students and teachers, and supports continued engagement with India

How to get involved

For more information visit or email:

Getting Involved​ in the 2019 VYLC

The Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYLC) Program is award winning, six-week in-country immersion program for Year 9 stu​dents, designed to help prepare them to live and work as global citizens and future leaders in a more inter-connected world.

The program is a life-changing opportunity for students and teachers to live and attend school in China. Combining language and cultural learning with persona​l development and leadership skills, the program focuses on one of Australia’s main trading partners, China.

To provide flexibility and enc​ourage wide participation across Government, Catholic and Independent schools, three program options are available in 2019.

  1. ​​State-Wide Program
  2. ​​Sister School Partnership Program
  3. Overseas Language Study Grant Program​

Connect, Learn and Explore

The Victorian Young Leaders to India Program is for year 9 students, designed to prepare them to live and work as citizens and future leaders in an increasingly interconnected global community.

In 2022, the Virtual Program offers a unique opportunity for students to complete a six-week program learning side by side with students in schools in India and connecting with the Indian diaspora community.  

The six-week program will give students the opportunity to develop their intercultural capability, build new friendships beyond closed boarders, and apply their STEM skills in an engaging design challenge.

Virtual Highlights

  • A 6 -week design challenge to address real-world issues and apply a STEM solution
  • Complete a Global Competence Certificate (GCC) that gives you the global skills to make social impact
  • Connecting with Indian student buddies online and engage in fun activities together and share learning
  • Meet inspirational people that are champions in the Australia – India bilateral relationship and be mentored

How to get involved

Contact your school to learn how you can participate.

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