​​​​Our school education system is internationally renowned. Throughout the curriculum we consistently take an international perspective. Our schools and communities in Victoria, Australia have a strong multicultural spirit.

Our vision for education doesn’t start with schools – it starts with individuals. We try to make everything that we do in our schools centre on learning and the learner.

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Victoria - the Education State

Victoria is the Education State – a state where all students have every opportunity to reach their potential. Making Victoria the Education State means putting education at the centre of everything we do, and providing a great education to every student at every school.

The Education State is focused on improving student outcomes and setting high expectations for all students, challenging them to achieve their best.

A Victorian education provides students with the education and skills to compete in new and emerging industries globally.

Choosing a Victorian education opens windows of opportunity for international students and pathways to achieve university and career dreams.

A unique system

Four key things make our education system unique:

  • Our teaching – high academic achievement is central to the way we teach... we also inspire a love of learning because we celebrate different learning styles, creative and independent thinking and personal and social development.
  • Our learning spaces – award-winning classrooms and buildings open students' eyes to the wonders of learning in an interactive and exciting way.
  • Our curriculum – a well-balanced, well rounded curriculum provides diverse pathways and directions for every student.
  • Our qualifications – the Victorian Certificate of Education is a world-renowned senior high school certificate plus there’s a range of other vocational qualifications.

Stable and credible

Deciding where to go to school involves many questions and we live in an increasingly complex world. You need an education provider that you can trust. We’re a government provider, which means rigorous standards for student welfare, support and achievement.

We’re here for the long term. Our experience in international education has been built up over time. For decades, we’ve been educating thousands of students each year. Our leadership will never be in doubt.

Start your education journey in Victoria, Australia – Apply now.

High expectations, high performers

Victorian International students thrive because teachers instil the confidence to strive for constantly better results.

That inspiration and guidance saw over 98% of students from Victorian government schools successfully complete VCE in 2015.

Success for international students

We have excellent literacy and numeracy standards. Victorian students are among Australia's best when it comes to numeracy and literacy, according to the 2016 National Assessment Program Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) Summary Report. The average scores for Victorian students were higher than the Australian average across reading, writing, grammar and punctuation and numeracy across four year levels.

A popular partner and respected advisor

We’ve earned worldwide trust as advisors and partners in the development of high-level policy and curriculum. Other school systems seek us out for credible advice, examples of best practice and innovative partnerships.

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