​​English language tuition​ in Victoria, Australia will give you the confidence to study, live and work almost anywhere in the world.

Our student programs are strengthened by a range of services to support students from language backgrounds other than English.

When you enrol in a Victorian government school, you can get extra language support through:

  • intensive English language classes before you start mainstream classes, and / or
  • a comprehensive English as an Additional Language (EAL) program while you’re at school.

* Please note the information on this page only applies if you are attending a Victorian government school as a standard international student. International students who enrol via the Temporary or Study Abroad programs do not need to take extra E​nglish language classes in Victoria before they start mainstream school. Students that enrol via the Dependent program can also start mainstream school straight away and the school will assess if any extra language classes are needed. To find out which program is relevant to you please visit our application process page.

older student teaching younger students in the classroom 

Get a head start learning English in Australia with intensive language classes

English language skills will help you succeed in entering a quality high school and university education. Get ahead with lessons from teachers qualified in Teaching ​English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) in our English Language Programs.

An intensive program means you can focus on improving your English language skills in a short period of time. You’ll practise speaking, listening, reading and writing in English so you’re prepared for the mainstream classes.

Students who meet our minimum English preferences will reach proficiency to start their mainstream classes after 20 weeks of intensive English language classes. Find out about our English language requirements in the Picture Yourself brochure.

​Once in your mainstream studies you will be doing EAL as one of your subjects and you will also have access to a range of additional language support in the school to ensure your academic success. Melbourne offers many options for excursions that will help you understand the English language and Australian culture.

It’s also a chance to make lifelong friends and settle into Australia, especially if you’re in an on-site centre at your new school.​

Begin at one of our English Language Centres

It’s easy to find an English Language Centre (ELC) close to your Victorian government school:

  • 36 of our schools host an in-school English Language Program
  • 6 English Language Schools are located within easy travelling distance.

If you enrol in one of our student programs, your ELC will be chosen by your host school based on where you’ll be living and going to school.

Your Letter of Offer will tell you about your ELC. The International Student Coordinator from your school will be in close contact to help you while you are undertaking your English language studies.

Classes are small at an ELC, ranging from two students up to 15. Multicultural Education Aides provide additional support for the classroom and individuals.

ELCs are equipped with fully networked computers and audio-visual equipment. A range of computer programs are used to help you learn English.

two international students having discussion in the library 

Ongoing support with English as an Additional Language Programs in schools

Once you start mainstream classes, your school will continue to teach you EAL through:

  • the formal curriculum, which offers a specialised EAL subject
  • tutoring, homework clubs, lunchtime and after-school English programs.

Schools with many EAL students have specialist EAL programs to meet the needs of these students across all mainstream classes and subjects.

There are many students who learn EAL in Victorian government schools: around 13 per cent of all students. EAL students are provided English language support and teaching specifically designed for students from international backgrounds.

Specialist advice with Multicultural Education Aides

Multicultural Education Aides support EAL programs in different ways. They’re employed by many schools to help individuals, or small groups of students,​ in the classroom. They also help school staff to:

  • communicate with families from language backgrounds other than English
  • understand different cultural backgrounds and experiences
  • develop teaching materials.

CRICOS Provider Name and Code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K.
CRICOS Course Names and Codes: Primary (Prep to Year 6), 019047G; Secondary (7-12), 019048F; Victorian College of the Arts Secondary Course (7-12), 028651A.
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