2021 Graduate Success Stories

Thanh (Jilly) Phuong Linh Ngo - Wodonga Senior Secondary College

City, country of origin
Extracurricular Activities 
VCE subjects ATAR
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Student council, volunteering, drawing, badminton and translating
Mathematical Methods, Chinese Language, English as an Additional Language (EAL), Culture and Society, Health and Human Development, Biology

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Jilly says the pandemic switched her school to remote-learning making it the most challenging aspect of her schooling experience. Year 12 was heavy with contents and tasks; it was difficult as she could not interact with her teachers and peers to discuss class materials in person.

Jilly is an outstanding scholar who uses her strong communication skills in both Vietnamese and English to volunteer at her local driving school to translate. 

"I’m proudly to say that Wodonga Senior Secondary College has provided me a friendly and professional environment to thrive and achieve my goals," said Jilly.

Jilly has been accepted into a Bachelor of Occupational Therappy (Honours) at Monash University in 2022.

Sokmongkul (Marshall) Chan - Glen Waverley Secondary College

City, country of originExtracurricular Activities
VCE subjects
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Sports, travelling, writing
English as an Additional Language (EAL), Khmer, Specialist Mathematics, Mathematical Methods, Health and Human Development and Chemistry

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"The support, the quality of education, the friendliness that was shown over the years that I've been here has been more than I could have asked for," said Marshall.

Marshall said he found completing VCE during online learning challenging, along with being away from his family during the global pandemic. The support from his school, as well as his peers, gave him the greatest drive to keep going. Having mentoring programs also helped him reach his full potential. 

"With caring teachers and great mentors, my journey here did not only teach me to perform well academically but also showed me the importance of the fundamentals of friendship and connections. The transition into a new environment may not be easy, but it is easier when guided by the right people," said Marshall. 

Marshall has been accepted into a Bachelor of Medical Science and Doctor of Medicine at Monash University. 

Socheng Som – Keysborough College

City, country of originVCE subjectsATAR
Siem Reap, Cambodia
English as an Additional Language (EAL), Biology, Further Mathematics, Mathematics Methods and Chinese Second Language

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Socheng says "the most challenging part [of her VCE studies] was transitioning in and out of lockdown towards the exams". Fortunately, she felt supported with her family, teachers and friends who helped her successfully complete VCE. 

Kim Tran, International Student Coordinator says "Socheng was a very hardworking and quiet student. She never missed a class or was absent. She was not only diligent in studying but also very well-behaved, ready to help friends when they needed it. Our school is very pleased to have had a student like Socheng who both excelled in studies and was a role model of good conduct."

Socheng's advice to all future international students is "although the road may be long and filled with obstacles, it's up to you to open up and find a way to get through."

Socheng is now studying a Bachelor of Radiology and Medical Imaging at Monash University. 

Hoai Thuy Linh Nguyen – Wodonga Senior Secondary College

City, country of originInterestsVCE subjectsATAR
Hanoi, Vietnam
Student leadership, council representive, volunteer, badminton
English as an Additional Language (EAL), Specialist Mathematics, Mathematics Methods, Chemistry, Vietnamese First Language

Like most students, Hoai found studying online challenging. However, with the support of her teachers and her host family she was given an impressive ATAR score of 82.45 and has been accepted into multiple universities. Her teachers have reminded her about the end-of-year goal and to never give up. 

Hoai says "my school was awesome with such helpful teachers and friendly staffs as they have tried their best in order to deliver a memorable Australian experience to me. My host family are also such hospitable people with warm hearts and always willing to support me whichever pathway I choose to take in the future. I appreciate and cherish them a lot because without their help, I would not become the new version of myself now."

Hoai is choosing between university offers and hopes to do Computer Science at university. 

Quoc Nam (Jacob) Dang Footscray High School

City, country of originInterestsVCE subjectsATAR
Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Reading and watching movies
English as an Additional Language (EAL), Mathematics Methods, Physics, Specialist Mathematics


"It's been another tough year for the international students in 2021, but as we reflect on the year, instead of just focusing on the challenges, it's encouraging to share more success stories," Jacob said.

"I remember the first time I arrived in Melbourne three years ago, I was feeling lost and uncomfortable in the brand new environment for the new chapter of my study in VCE. Fortunately, I had received tons of support and encouragement from the teachers and staff. Even more so, it makes me feel proud to be a member of the Footscray High School family. During the pandemic, I successfully overcome the multiple online-onsite learning crossovers. I got over the stress and other learning barriers. I kept reminding myself that nothing could stop me from pursuing my dream. Finally, I proved myself with my dream offer in Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne," Jacob said.

Jacob always shares his motto: "If you try hard, you're bound to succeed eventually."

 Jacob has enrolled in a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne.

Younggwang (Glory) Sung – Elwood College

City, country of originVCE subjectsATAR
Republic of Korea
English as an Additional Language (EAL), Further Mathematics, Japanese Second Language, Legal Studies, Business Management


Glory over came his remote learning challenges by receiving personal feedback and tutoring by his teachers at Elwood College. 

Glory says "personally, the most important way to get decent scores in VCE is by constantly asking a question to your teachers. They not going to bite you. It is their job to assist you to improve your study performance and help you perfom your best in study." 

He appreciated his teachers' support. Glory mentions how dedicated the teachers were and how they helped him comprehend each subject which improved his score to a remarkable 88.15. 

"It was a great time to study together. The Elwood community is friendly and diverse, " says Glory.

 Glory has been accepted into Bachelor of Arts at the University of Melbourne.

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