​Schools can derive a whole-school benefit by implementing global learning and engagement activities. The below programs help schools to improve student achievement, engagement and wellbeing by creating a positive climate for learning, community engagement, professional leadership and excellence in teaching and learning.

Schools that host international students see deep cultural enrichment, language learning and global perspectives strengthened in classrooms. Local students learning alongside students from diverse cultures develop the skills vital to succeeding in a fast-changing workforce and world.

International students in Victorian government schools originate from over 80 different countries, and bring new ideas and valuable cultural and linguistic diversity to Victorian schools and communities.

For more information, see: International Student Program  

Victorian schools have more than 483 sister school partnerships with schools intrastate, interstate or internationally. Sister schools provide valuable, real-world learning experiences, language development and collaboration opportunities.

For more information on how to develop a meaningful, reciprocal and sustainable Sister School partnership, see: Sister Schools

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