Primary school students in Victoria, Australia are aged between 5 and 12 years old.

Our Victorian government primary schools offer:

  • high-quality learning in a caring environment,
  • a warm welcome to international students
  • a mix of academic programs with extra-curricular activities such as sports, dance and theatre.

Apply to us and we will do our best to place you at a school that suits your needs and is close to your home.

All primary-aged students attending a Victorian government school must live with either:

  • a parent
  • or legal guardian (e.g. in the case of adoption).
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Primary students with teacher in classroom

Primary school years

Prep and Years 1 to 6 (with a total duration of up to 7 years) form primary school classes in Victorian government schools.

  • to enter Prep, students must be 5 years of age on or before 30 April that year (this applies to dependant fee category students only)
  • standard fee category students must be at least 6 years of age at the time they apply for their visa
  • the final year of primary school is Grade 6 where students are usually 12 to 13 years of age.
Infographic:Primary school age 5+ P,1,2,3,4,5,6 age 12-13
Study plan

Your academic success is important to us. The Victorian school curriculum offers you the opportunity to study new and interesting subjects that will widen your knowledge and view of the world.

Our primary school subjects help you find your passions and we know you'll have fun along the way too. Classes will also help you make friends and develop socially.

We try to keep students of the same ages together by placing you in the best grade to fit your age and academic ability. The choice of grade level also allows for the difference between schooling systems overseas and in other states of Australia.

English language skills

English language entry requirements or needing to study an intensive English language program is not required for primary school students.

In most cases, primary students will learn English language learning in mainstream classes with local students.

Students will be assessed when they arrive and we provide extra English language classes if needed. 

Welfare support

Student welfare is fundamental to learning. We want our students to be safe, happy and healthy while studying in our schools. Learn about how we support student welfare and wellbeing.

Finding a school

For a list of Victorian government primary and P–9/P–12 schools that enrol international students who hold a subclass 500 Student – Schools visa, see Accredited primary schools list (PDF, 246kb).

All other international student visa holders can study at these accredited schools or at any other nonaccredited Victorian government schools.

Fees and program options

Use our online application process to find out:

  • the program that applies to you
  • the fees you are required to pay for attending a Victorian government school
  • the type of visa you need to apply for
  • the application form you need to use.
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CRICOS Provider Name and Code: Department of Education, 00861K.
CRICOS Course Names and Codes: Primary (Prep to Year 6), 019047G; Secondary (7-12), 019048F; Victorian College of the Arts Secondary Course (7-12), 028651A.
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