​​ Australian secondary schools offer high quality learning and excellent pathways to tertiary education. Senior school students get a good start to life because of the open learning environment, excellent academic education and balanced social and cultural life in a Victorian Government high school.

Whether you want to study to obtain a qualification or as part of the Study Abroad Program, you will find an option that suits you. Our online application process will assist you to find out:

  • the program that applies to you
  • the application form you need to use
  • the fees you are required to pay when attending a Victorian Government school
  • the type of visa you need to apply for.

Three high school students are studying in the school library together. 

Choosing a high school

Approximately 120 accredited secondary schools are available to international students who choose to study as part of an International Student Program. You will be able to choose a school that offers you:

  • the subjects you want to study
  • the extra-curricular activities you enjoy
  • a place at the right year level for you.

Our team can help you with your choice. Let us know your preferences on your application form and we will match you with the school that will be the best fit for your education.

Our online publication Right School Right Place will tell you more about schools in Victoria.

All schools hosting international students go through a rigorous accreditation process undertaken by the Department of Education and Training. All schools have to meet high quality standards relating to program provision, accommodation, reporting to parents and welfare arrangements.

All Victorian schools are required to be registered and to meet standards under the Education and Training Reform Act. To search for a school, visit the Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority website.

Finding the right year level

Academic success is important and you will have the best learning and teaching in the world when placed in the right year level. Our schools recognise the importance of keeping students with others of the same age group. In secondary school, students must meet an upper age limit for each year level.

Entry Level and Upper Age Limits

  • Year 7: 15 years of age
  • Year 8: 16 years of age
  • Year 9: 17 years of age
  • Year 10: 18 years of age
  • Year 11: 19 years of age
  • Year 12: 20 years of age

Study plan

Use our online application process to work out which kind of study plan applies to you.

English language requirements

Of course you need good English language skills to make the best of your learning in Victoria and we may require you to take an intensive English language course before you join your new school. You can take this course at one of the many English Language Centres located across the State or within an accredited school. Use our online application process to work out which kind of English language requirements apply to you.

Find out more about learning English in a Victorian Government school.

Welfare and accommodation options

International students can choose to live with parents, relatives or a local family (if aged 13 years and older).

Homestay with a local family is the most popular option and is a great way to experience Victoria and improve your English language skills.

Use our online application process to work out which kind of accommodation options apply to you.


Go to the apply section to determine what fees are required for attending a Victorian Government school.

How to apply

Click here to learn about our application process and to find your nearest accredited agent.

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