​Get the edge on the global competition by studying in a Victorian g​overnment school. Follow the path from school to further education with many options, such as a prestigious university in Melbourne or in one of Victoria’s exciting regional hubs.

High school student graduating

A clear way forward after school

For international students, Victoria offers a smooth passage through each stage of education. Choose one of our world-famous universities or further your studies with vocational education. We’re renowned for the design of our education system and its easy links to further study.

When you study in Victoria, there’s sure to be a pathway for you.

Build on your strengths

University in Victoria is a smart move after school. Set fresh goals surrounded by the best support, skills and knowledge. You’ll find new strengths while you build on what you’re already good at, working your way towards a successful career and future.

Achieve your best at a university in Melbourne

If you love learning, you’ll want to live in a city that’s a centre for research, innovation and creativity. We’re home to many quality universities, with two in the top ten universities in Australia. Our two top universities are ranked in the top 100 in the world for their research as well as their courses. Melbourne is one of the top cities for learning in the world.

Become job-ready

If you like practical and hands-on instruction with a clear outcome or purpose, you may prefer to enrol in vocational education after you finish school. Vocational courses are an alternative to tertiary study at a university that are directly related to getting a job, and you are assessed by how well you do the tasks needed for that job rather than by exams.

You can study these courses:

  • at a government-owned Technical and Further Education (TAFE) institute
  • at a university
  • through a Registered Training Organisation.

Move freely with a respected qualification

Choose your pathway from school into further education or other career options with the advantage of a widely recognised education history. Our academic qualifications are portable and internationally admired.

Stand out from the crowd

Make sure you’re noticed in the international career market. Every year we produce graduates who are sought after around the world.

An overseas education gives you the edge and experience that recruiters are looking for, including:

  • foreign language ability
  • creative thinking skills
  • initiative
  • a ‘global mindset’
  • networking skills.

Get easy access to expert advice

Talk to the specialist careers advisors in your school for practical and strategic guidance about your career choices. Our curriculum will encourage you to dream about a future that could take you anywhere. And our teachers will keep your feet on the ground with encouragement and sensible advice.

To discover further information about what makes Melbourne and Victoria a favourite destination, please visit the benefits​​ and lifestyle pages.

CRICOS Provider Name and Code: Department of Education and Training, 00861K.
CRICOS Course Names and Codes: Primary (Prep to Year 6), 019047G; Secondary (7-12), 019048F; Victorian College of the Arts Secondary Course (7-12), 028651A.
Last Update: 30/09/2021 12:59 PM