Understanding that education is a global force​

A group of teachers discussing around a table

The 12-month Intercultural Champions pilot project was a professional learning opportunity for up to 40 classroom teachers from Victorian government primary and secondary schools drawn from all regions.

Teachers built their teaching expertise and their ability to work with colleagues, to carry out curriculum change and improve teaching and curriculum outcomes in intercultural capability.

A globally oriented education system will position Victorian students for a prosperous social, cultural and economic future by equipping them with the tools they need to live the lives and get the jobs they want. 

This project enabled teachers to deepen their understanding of intercultural capability to provide students with the 21st century skills they need to succeed in an increasingly complex and interconnected world.

The Intercultural Champions pilot project built teachers' capacity to confidently develop the intercultural capability of students. Project participants developed skills in modelling teaching and learning that assists schools to deliver the intercultural capability element of the Victorian Curriculum F–10 and the global citizenship dimension of FISO.

This project also helped teachers raise the levels of community pride in schools and assisted schools to develop an effective, diverse and inclusive learning environment that benefits all students from all backgrounds. Best practice in intercultural capability is tightly linked to critical and creative thinking skills, and students will be more resilient to participate within a globally oriented education system. 

For more information about these FISO priorities, see Excellence in teaching and learning and Community engagement in learning.

A package of units produced by teachers in the Intercultural Champions pilot program has been collected on FUSE for F-10 teaching. For more information, see: FUSE Intercultural capability units

For more information, contact: ic.champions@edumail.vic.gov.au​

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