Do you want to gain the confidence to study, live and work anywhere in the world?

Our English language programs in Victorian government schools help students to study mainstream subjects, gain university pathways and to be successful in everyday life and work situations.

Our teachers who are all qualified Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) can help you learn. 

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Primary school students

Our schools support you as an international primary student with your English language learning during classes at the school where you enrol.

Therefore, enrolling in an intensive English language program is not required for you to start primary school in Victoria, Australia.

You may also be provided with additional English language classes when you arrive if your school assesses you as needing extra support. 

Secondary school students

Study abroad, dependant and temporary secondary students

The following secondary students do not need to take extra English language classes in Victoria before starting mainstream school:

  • study abroad students (i.e. students enrolling for up to 12 months)
  • dependant students (i.e. students accompanying their university student parents)
  • temporary students (i.e. students enrolling for up to 12 weeks).

To find out which type of student is relevant, see: How to apply.

Standard secondary students

Standard secondary students need good English language skills to make the most of mainstream learning in Victoria. Therefore, you will either need to meet our English language requirements or study a 20-week intensive English language program before you join your new mainstream school.  

Our English Language Centres

The intensive English language program is offered onsite at the many English Language Centres (ELCs) located at:

It's easy to find an English Langauge Centre (ELC) close to your Victorian government school: approximately 30 of our schools host an in-school English Language Program. 6 English Language Schools are located within travelling distance

An intensive English language program means:

  • you can focus on improving your English language skills in a short period of time
  • you'll practise speaking, listening, reading and writing in English so you're prepared for the mainstream classes.

If you enrol in one of our student programs

  1. your host school will choose your ELC on the basis of where you'll be living and going to school
  2. your Letter of Offer will tell you about your ELC
  3. your host school international student coordinator will be in close contact to help you whilst you undertake your English language studies
  4. you'll be in a small class, ranging from two students up to 15
  5. you can receive additional support provided by multicultural aides for the classroom and individuals
  6. plus, your ELC will help you learn English through a range of engaging interactive and digital teaching methods.

After completing the intensive English language program, you will then study English as an Additional Language as part of your other mainstream classes.

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Undertaking intensive English or English as an Additional Language (EAL)

English language skills can help you succeed in gaining entry to a quality high school, vocational education provider or university education.

Many of our international students study English as an Additional Language (EAL) as one of their mainstream classes.

An EAL subject as one of your mainstream subjects offers you:

  • access to a range of additional English language support in the school to best position you for academic success
  • many options for excursions, in Melbourne or any of our student cities across Victoria, which will help you understand the English language and Australian culture
  • the opportunity to make lifelong friends and settle into Australia, especially if you're in an on-site centre at your new school.

How we teach English as an Additional Language (EAL) Program

EAL is taught in our mainstream classes through:

  • the core curriculum in your school, offering a specialist EAL subject
  • tutoring | homework clubs | lunchtime | after-school English programs
  • specialist programs to meet your needs, across all mainstream classes and subjects
  • English language support and teaching specifically designed for students from multicultural backgrounds.

For more information on teaching and learning, see: How you learn.

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CRICOS Provider Name and Code: Department of Education, 00861K.
CRICOS Course Names and Codes: Primary (Prep to Year 6), 019047G; Secondary (7-12), 019048F; Victorian College of the Arts Secondary Course (7-12), 028651A.

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