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English Presentation Competition for Offshore International Students: My Family and Traditions


My Family and Traditions - a competition for Victorian government school international students before they arrive in Victoria! 

Deliver your presentation to the panel of friendly judges about you and your families traditions or routines. For example:

  • religious events
  • sporting events that your family regularly participates in
  • food traditions
  • uncommon traditions

English teacher Ms Denise Cornish says:
"My family and I have a tradition around family meals.  We try to get together on a Sunday night for a shared meal. It is a noisy event full of unfinished conversations and laughter. We spend hours preparing a meal that is eaten in a very short time, but I know it is eaten with sheer enjoyment and that my sons, their partners and grandchild enjoy the fun. This tradition was handed to me by my mother and father.  Every Sunday they would cook a 'Sunday Roast' and my brother and his family would come home.  It was always a loud event where we would share what happened during the week. It was like a mini family celebration."

Ms Cornish's presentation would involve examples of the meals she might cook. How her family participates and how the tradition came into the family. 


Prizes: Online retailer gift cards to Amazon, JD or similar. 
  • Winners: top 3 each receive an AUD$100 gift card
  • Runners up: top 3 each receive an AUD$50 gift card


Deliver your presenation to the panel of friendly judges at 5pm, Wednesday 27 March. Your video will be judged against 4 categories:
  1. content: present your tradition with enthusiasm and provide some examples
  2. structure: practise your speech. You do not need to read off a script. Introduce yourself and conclude your oral. 
  3. non-verbal communication: make eye contact with your laptop camera as your audience. use facial expressions, smile and show surprise at appropriate times. Use hand gestures where appropriate.
  4. voice: your voice should be clear and confident, with words pronounced correctly and not rushed.  


Competition open to all offshore international students who have received their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter and currently still live in their home countries. International students who have already arrived in Victoria are not eligible to participate. 

Register now

Register for mentoring and the competition by emailing by 5pm Melbourne time Wednesday 20 March. Places limited. Get in quick before you miss out. 

Free mentoring and practice sessions

Mentoring and practice sessions are available to give you the best chance of winning. To register, email and include your name and international student number.

When: individual online sessions from 12pm, Melbourne time, Friday 22 and Saturday 23 March

Notes to assist you

  • In your presentation, you will be expected to speak to the camera, so try not to read out your speech. Make it as natural as possible. Even though you will be presenting online, the judges will be expecting you to speak directly to them as if they are in the room with you.
  • Try to use engaging speaking techniques. Pace your oral presentation so that you are not speaking too fast. Give pause to important points and try to use some facial expressions to enhance your points… a smile or well-placed anecdote or humour is often engaging to an audience.
  • Your pronunciation and use of language needs to be clear and appropriate. So make sure you practise and edit your work until you get it 'just right.'
  • Bring your personality to your video. Hand gestures, smiles, examples of places are all great ways to communicate, so feel free to use them.

More information

If you would like further information or assistance, please contact our friendly English teacher Ms Denise Cornish at

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