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English ​writing competition 

For Victorian government school international students who are still in their home countries or studying intensive English language classes in Melbourne or Victoria.

Competition theme

​You can choose from 2 topics:

  • Option 1: Describe your dream bedroom. What would be in it and why?
  • Option 2: In the future I will ...

How to get involved

  1. Step 1: attend a free online mentoring session with Ms Denise Cornish, our friendly English teacher from 12pm Melbourne time, Saturday 8 June
  2. Step 2: write your story and email it to Ms Denise Cornish, our friendly English teacher at by 11.59pm Melbourne time, Monday 17 June.


The competition is only open to Victorian government school international students who have received their Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) letter and currently:

  • live in their home countries, OR
  • study intensive English language classes in Melbourne and Victoria.

You must attend a free online mentoring session with Ms Denise Cornish, friendly English teacher, from 12pm Melbourne time, Saturday 8 JuneStudents are encouraged to participate in the free mentoring session to have the best chance of success in the competition. 

Writing topics

Your work should be about 300 - 400 words on ONLY ONE of the below topics. 

You don't need to write too much. Write just enough to fully explain your thoughts to the judges.

Option 1 - Describe your dream bedroom

Write an imaginary story piece about the most fantastic and magical room you can imagine. 

What would it have in it? How would it make your life better? Would your room have magical things in it that you would design?

For example, you might think up a device that puts your shoes and socks on. Or your room might have your favourite drink ready for you at a certain time. Or does your room open it's doors to a swimming pool?

Option 2 - In the future I will ...

Write an informative piece about what you will do in the future. You might want to write about your tertiary studies and career and what you will have to do to get there? 

Or you might write about future leisure activities or hobbies. Describe the activity and how you will improve your skills in this area. Will you need to do classes or learn from a teacher to develop the skills you'll need for your leisure activity or hobby?  

Or you can approach this writing task in an imaginative way and describe the sort of person you would like to become. Are you going to become a superhero? Are you going to become someone who invents a new device to save the world? What would you do?

Or in the future do you plan to improve something in your personal development? More exercise? Less time on social media? To cook more and eat less takeaway food?


Online retailer gift cards to Amazon, JD or similar.

  • Winners' prizes: top 3 each receive an AUD$100 gift card

  • Runners' up prizes: top 3 each receive an AUD$50 gift card.


Your written piece will be judged by a panel of friendly judges against 3 categories:

  1. Purpose: writing stays on topic and includes a detailed storyline

  2. Organisation: writing shows a logical sequence throughout including a beginning, middle and end

  3. Structure: writing has good grammar and spelling and word order.

Register now

Competition places are limited. Email your name and student ID number to by 11.59pm Melbourne time, Wednesday 5 June.

Get in quick before you miss out!

More information

If you would like further information or assistance, please contact our friendly English teacher Ms Denise Cornish at

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