This section covers: an overview of the legislative framework and roles and responsibilities. 

Section 1 - Marketing and Recruitment

This section covers: information for prospective students, marketing and recruitment and education agents.

Section 2 - Admissions

The section covers: accepting students.

Section 3 - Homestay arrangements (Level 2 schools only)

This section covers: setting up and maintaining homestays, child safe travel arrangements.

Section 4 - Supporting students - Adjusting to life and study in Australia

The section covers: pre-arrival information, student arrival, orientation, non-commencing students, course credit, ongoing student support

Section 5 - Supporting students - Safety

This section covers: child safe, raising student safety awareness (Sun Smart, water safety, online safety, travel safety, mental health), critical incidents.

​Section 6 - Supporting students - Learning and engagement

This section covers: general learning and welfare support, attendance (including student leave), course progress and learning support, modes of study, changes to study program.

​Section 7 - Transfers and cancellations

This section covers: transferring to another Victorian Government School (changing location), transferring to another CRICOS provider (a withdrawal), student initiated cancellations, Department initiated cancellations, Department initiated suspensions, student behaviour.

​Section 8 - Administrative requirements

This section covers: refunds, complaints and appeals, school record keeping, fees, invoicing and disbursements, school re-accreditation.

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