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Victorian Young Leaders to China virtual pilot program

The VYL China virtual pilot program, an alternative to the VYL China offshore immersion, is an intensive language program open to Year 9 students studying Chinese in 2022 and will be delivered via Webex in real time by teachers from Beijing Language and culture University (BLCU). The timetable consists of three and half hour's daily contact 9.00am-12.30pm (AEST), 7.00am-11.30am (Beijing time) over 10 days.

The teachers will use a curriculum developed in collaboration with, and approved by, the Department. The basic structure is similar to the university component of the VYL China offshore program delivered by BLCU:

  • intensive language class lessons, incorporating standard textbooks 
  • socio-cultural lectures
  • activities such as Chinese Kungfu, Chinese Painting, and exercise classes. 

The program will be designed to be lively and interesting.

As with the in-country program BLCU would like to hold official opening and closing ceremonies. BLCU will also include virtual tours of the Great Wall, Forbidden City and Summer Palace.

Students will sit an online Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) placement test (writing and reading only) and be allocated to classes of 15 to 20 students at an appropriate language proficiency level.

Students will be provided with textbooks for the language classes according to their language ability and schools will have to provide materials (such as art supplies) so that students are able to participate in the cultural classes.

Benefits for students

The VYL China program supports students through combined language and cultural learning with accelerated personal and leadership development.

Students who have taken part in the VYL China program develop a greater understanding of contemporary China, its culture and history, and its educational and political landscape. Past students have returned with an increased confidence and developed a broader international perspective on their future careers.

Benefits for teachers

  • Knowledge about teaching and learning in a high performing Chinese school
  • Increased intercultural understanding and capability
  • Increased knowledge and understanding of Chinese culture and society
  • Opportunities for professional learning that promotes reflection and development of their classroom practice
  • A desire for further personal and professional learning.

Benefits for schools

  • Accelerates students' leadership and citizenship capabilities, empowering them to act as strong role models for other students
  • Provides opportunities to partner and learn from high-performing schools in China
  • Acts as a catalyst for school community support in global learning and engagement, particularly for intercultural capability and language learning.

Key dates

10 schools days from 24 May to 10 June 2022. 

How to apply

Expressions of interest to participate in this program are now open. Places will be strictly limited. For more information email:

Information for parents and students

The Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYL China) virtual program is based on the award winning VYL China in-country immersion program. The virtual program for Year 9 students and accompanying teachers helps prepare them for living and working in an increasingly interconnected global community.


By taking part in the program, students develop a greater appreciation of contemporary China, its culture and history, and its educational and political landscape. Past students have developed increased confidence and developed a broader, international perspective on their future careers.

Benefits for students include:

  • improved language proficiency, including practical and conversational language
  • aspiration for studying Chinese Second Language through to VCE
  • enhanced intercultural understanding and capability
  • accelerated development of leadership capability, interpersonal skills and global citizenship.​​​​

How to get involved

Contact your school to learn how you can participate.

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