Victorian Young Leaders to Indonesia overseas immersion experience

Victorian Young Leaders to Indonesia virtual pilot program

The Victorian Young Leaders (VYL) Indonesia virtual program 2023 will be offered as an immersive three-week language and culture course in Term 3 2023. The program is designed for Year 9 students to allow them to live and work as global citizens and future leaders in a world that is becoming increasingly interconnected and globalised. 

The program will enable participating students to strengthen their Indonesian language skills and will help them connect with Indonesian peers through interactive language activities and a collaborative project. 

Why get involved?

The program will:

  • build students' intercultural understanding and ability to effectively engage with people from other cultures through the development of personal relationships with their Indonesian peers
  • develop students' Indonesian language skills and will inspire language study through to VCE
  • develop students' global citizenship and leadership capabilities. 

Benefits for students

The VYL Indonesia program supports students through combined language and cultural learning. The program will provide an opportunity for the participants to experience authentic and meaningful learning with peers and native speakers.

Victorian students will:

  • develop greater awareness of the benefits of learning a language, and opportunities to continue the study of Indonesia beyond Year 9 
  • consolidate Indonesian language skills through exposure to content delivered in both Indonesian and English, with opportunities to practice and engage with Indonesian peers 
  • build intercultural understanding and personal and social capabilities through meaningful activities and engagement with Indonesian culture as well as connections with Indonesian peers 
  • build global citizenship skills and strengthen leadership, voice and agency skills by participating in a collaborative design challenge which addresses a real-world issue related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Benefits for teachers

The program will:

  • develop new knowledge and skills for international people-to-people engagement
  • improve capacity to build international partnerships
  • provide new insights about and understanding of the social and cultural diversity of Indonesia
  • increased knowledge and intercultural understanding  
  • build knowledge of different types of pedagogical approaches to teaching Indonesian as a Second Language in an online environment and will broaden overall teaching and learning strategies.

Benefits for schools

The program will:

  • be able to significantly strengthen your school's Indonesian language programs 
  • provide students and teachers with a virtual immersive experience of global learning and engagement
  • offer the opportunity to exchange and learn from Indonesian partner schools
  • build pride and confidence in schools and within the community.

How to get involved?

For more information, visit: VYL Indonesia 2023, or email:

Getting Involved​ in the 2019 VYLC

The Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYLC) Program is award winning, six-week in-country immersion program for Year 9 stu​dents, designed to help prepare them to live and work as global citizens and future leaders in a more inter-connected world.

The program is a life-changing opportunity for students and teachers to live and attend school in China. Combining language and cultural learning with persona​l development and leadership skills, the program focuses on one of Australia’s main trading partners, China.

To provide flexibility and enc​ourage wide participation across Government, Catholic and Independent schools, three program options are available in 2019.

  1. ​​State-Wide Program
  2. ​​Sister School Partnership Program
  3. Overseas Language Study Grant Program​

The Victorian Young Leaders Indonesia virtual program 2023 is for year 9 students who are learning Indonesian at schools. The program is designed to prepare the participants to live and work as global citizens and future leaders in an increasingly interconnected and globalised world. This year’s program offers a unique opportunity for students to complete a three-week journey to improve their Indonesian language skills and learn side by side with students in schools in Indonesia. The program will give students the opportunity to develop their intercultural capability, build new friendships beyond boarders, and apply global citizenship skills in an engaging design challenge.

Virtual program highlights

  • Two weeks of immersive Indonesian language learning
  • Connecting with Indonesian student buddies and other Victorian Indonesian language students, and sharing learnings through fun activities
  • Completion of a collaborative design challenge with Indonesian buddies which addresses a real-world issue related to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals
  • Meeting with inspirational people that are champions in the Australia – Indonesia bilateral relationship and be mentored
How to get involved?
If you would like your child to participate in this year’s VYL Indonesia program, please contact their school.

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