Victorian Young Leaders to Indonesia overseas immersion experience

Victorian Young Leaders to Indonesia virtual pilot program

A Victorian Young Leaders to Indonesia (VYL Indonesia) virtual pilot program is currently being planned. For further information, email:

Why get involved?

The program:

  • builds students' intercultural understanding and ability to effectively engage with people from other cultures through the development of personal relationships with their Indonesian peers
  • develops students' Indonesian language abilities and inspired language study through to VCE
  • develops students' global citizenship and leadership capabilities.​

Benefits for students

The VYL Indonesia pilot program helps students combine language and cultural learning with accelerated personal and leadership development.

Students develop a heightened understanding of contemporary Indonesia, its culture and history, and its educational and political landscape. Students will also develop an increased confidence and have developed a broader, international perspective on their future careers.

Benefits for teachers

  • Increased critical and analytical approaches to professional practice
  • Enhanced knowledge about teaching and learning in a school overseas
  • New knowledge and skills for international people-to-people engagement
  • Improved capacity to build international partnerships
  • New insights about and understanding of the social and cultural diversity of Indonesia
  • Increased knowledge and intercultural understanding  
  • A desire for further personal and professional learning.

Benefits for schools

  • Significantly strengthening Indonesian language teaching
  • An improved ability to embrace diversity in partnership with the broader local community
  • Providing students and teachers with a lived experience of global learning and engagement
  • Offering the opportunity to exchange and learn from Indonesian school
  • ​Building pride and confidence in schools within the community.

Getting Involved​ in the 2019 VYLC

The Victorian Young Leaders to China (VYLC) Program is award winning, six-week in-country immersion program for Year 9 stu​dents, designed to help prepare them to live and work as global citizens and future leaders in a more inter-connected world.

The program is a life-changing opportunity for students and teachers to live and attend school in China. Combining language and cultural learning with persona​l development and leadership skills, the program focuses on one of Australia’s main trading partners, China.

To provide flexibility and enc​ourage wide participation across Government, Catholic and Independent schools, three program options are available in 2019.

  1. ​​State-Wide Program
  2. ​​Sister School Partnership Program
  3. Overseas Language Study Grant Program​

Live, learn and explore in Indonesia  

Coronavirus (COVID-19) has impacted the Victorian Young Leaders to Indonesia (VYL Indonesia) and the pilot program has been postponed until it is safe once again to travel. A virtual program is currently being developed.


By taking part in the program, students develop a heightened appreciation of contemporary Indonesia, its culture and history, and its educational and political landscape. Past students have returned with greater confidence and developed a broader, international perspective on their future careers.

Benefits for students include:

  • improved language skills and confidence, including written and spoken language abilities
  • exciting opportunity to practice Indonesian conversational skills with locals
  • student leadership skills, including interpersonal skills, public-speaking skills and inspiring confidence and self-sufficiency in unfamiliar environments
  • ​improved global citizenship, including by exploring community engagement opportunities
  • felt a sense of achievement
  • grew confidence and independence as a young adult.

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